Amy Correia

hi amy,
still enjoying the albums i have so much. am quite taken with 'the bike'. the words and music and your distinctive voice say so much i 'well up' every time i hear it. i think it's genius...not the only one either. just now i sent for a used copy of your latest cd from amazon, but then went to your cite to see if you'd be out my way, nor-cal, anytime soon and saw that i could get it from you, signed, and be supportive of the independent musicians i am so appreciative of as well. and thought i might as well become an official fan...why not! i'll give the other one to a friend. best of luck to you...keep your spirit strong girl, it's a beautiful, poetic and lively one. thanks for coming to earth with me. best, berdalee

Amy Correia responded on 01/12/2015

Thanks for the kind words. They mean a lot. I'm keeping strong. I hope you have a wonderful new year, Berdalee!

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