Amy Correia

Hi Amy, Good to have seen You at Steel City Friday Night! Pity about the cancelled tour though, those things can hurt for a while. However I love the Gibson L Series what year is that Guitar? Is it an L1? well, If you get a chance... Hope You can make it down to Phila Area Soon. bye

Amy Correia responded on 11/21/2018

Dear John,

I am so sorry I missed this message to me over three years ago. I'm seeing a bunch of messages today via this platform (Fanbridge), and I feel as if I've been in a timewarp. And now you may feel as if you're in timewarp, too! Thank you for having been to my Steel City show! The guitar is either an LG-1 or LG-2. The two have different bracings, I'm told, and I think mine is an LG-2. I hope you are doing well.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Your friend,

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