Amy Correia

I live in Somerset and heard a snipit of lakeville yesterday on pbs radio...
I love music and want that album! Where can I get it???? I love Nina Simone and Billy Holiday... You are Fantastic!!!

Amy Correia responded on 02/04/2011

Hi. Thanks for listening yesterday and your interest in my music. I appreciate it.

You can buy "Lakeville" or the new CD "You Go Your Way" direct from me, online via Paypal or the ole fashioned way via check or money order:

Online: Send a payment via Paypal to ' and I'll mail 'em to you within 24 hours of receiving the order.

By check: Pay to: Amy Correia
c/o Lakeville Haircutting 70 Main St. Lakeville, MA 02347 A little slower but still works!

Lakeville (2004) - $15
You Go Your Way (2010) (signed/limited edition) - $20
If you'd like both CDS - $30
(all shipping included.)

You can write to me at too if you have questions or need further assistance.

Thanks again. Amy

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